Rio Fish is a social enterprise providing sustainable livelihoods and increasing food security through strengthening market systems around aquaculture in Lake Victoria. Through practicing aquaculture, Rio Fish is providing a consistent supply of nutrient-rich fish as well as stable livelihoods for fish farmers. Rio Fish also links women fish farmers with economic opportunities as women have been most affected by the reduced supplies of wild caught fish.

Centralize Market Operations:

Rio Fish is currently constructing a market in Kisumu at a central aggregation point. This new market will reach over 1 million consumers in Kisumu and provides a valuable model that can be scaled throughout the Lake Victoria region.

Use Technology to Enhance Operations and Build Community:

Rio Fish connects with consumers through the mobile app RIO FISH and also links production of fish to women fish farmers through mobile technology. Through RIO FISH, fish farmers are able to better manage their farms and gain market access for their product. Technology monitors the growth of fish over time and tilapia production is enhanced through aquaculture technology.

Link Women with Economic Opportunity:

Women were most affected by the dwindling supplies of fish in Lake Victoria. Rio Fish works with women fish farmers to strengthen livelihoods and also connect female consumers to fish traders through the mobile app RIOFISH.

Form Strategic Partnerships with Government Agencies:

Rio Fish has successfully negotiated with local and national government agencies in Kenya to advocate for better protection of the environment. These partnerships are strengthened by strong relationship building and the fostering of trust through public-private dialogue.