Rio Fish

We are Rio Fish Enabling women in Kenya to have access to adequate supply of fish free from sexual exploitation and disease

Join us in ensuring that all Kenyan women will be able to access fish without
sexual exploitation from predator fishermen

The Problem

There is scarcity of fish in Kenya with production standing at 30% of the demand. The scarcity is due to the decline in capture fisheries (wild catch) caused by overfishing, pollution,climate change, water hyacinth, weakenforcement of fishing best practices and inadequate extension officers. The current deficit is mitigated by fish imports from China and the neighboring countries. The current production stands at 160,000 Metric Tons annually against a demand of 600,000 Metric Tons

The Solution

The county government and Rio Fish aim to mitigate the deficit in Kenya through the promotion of fish production by smallholder fish farmers using smart-farming technology, aggregation, processing and distribution of the fish to the consumers through the women fish traders


We have made progress towards the objectives of food and nutrition security, economic empowerment of the women and youth, improving the living standards of the community and minimizing the impact of ‘’jaboya’’. Jaboya is the forceful sexual exploitation of the women traders by the male predator fishermen in exchange for allocation of the scarce fish resources. The jaboya practice has also aggravated the HIV & Aids epidemic in the Lake
Victoria region which stands at 4.5 times above the rest of the country.

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