Aquaculture has been recognized as a valuable strategy for employment generation, regional development, and food security in Kenya. Populations of wild caught fish continue to decline, dwindling the national fish supply and increasing demand for fish. In this context, the Government of Kenya has prioritized the development of aquaculture to take advantage of aquatic resources in support of fish production.

Kenya is a regional and continental leader in the growth of aquaculture as the fourth largest producer of aquaculture in Africa. The Kenyan government’s promotion of aquaculture aligns with policy focus on the Blue Economy to promote the sustainable use and management of marine resources. From major inland water resources to an extensive coastline, Kenya is well positioned to expand the aquaculture industry to provide fish for the majority of the population. Fish supplies from aquaculture are a consistent source of high-nutrient food contributing to greater food security throughout Kenya and the East African region.

Within this policy climate and Kenya’s regional leadership on aquaculture, Rio Fish is a fast growing social enterprise working to further develop aquaculture market systems in Kisumu and around Kenya. Rio Fish operates fish farms on Lake Victoria, advocates for the environmental protection of the area, and is generating livelihood opportunities for communities around the lake.