Unlocking the potential of fish farming in Kenya

Fish For Health and Wealth According to official data, Kenya’s annual fish production last year was 146,543 metric tonnes valued at Ksh24.5 billion and according to the ministry of agriculture, it …

Fish Feed Supplies

In case you’re looking for the best place to find fish feed supplies, then you’re at the right place. Contact us today and find the best quality feeds -Laguna feeds for …

Our Strategies

Practice Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture: Rio Fish ensures that aquaculture practices do not disrupt the natural ecosystem of Lake Victoria. Feed to the encaged fish is monitored according to environmental standards to ensure …


We have developed a RioFish App that helps aquaculture farmers monitor their fish cages and connect them with feed salesmen who can supply the best feed for their farms. The system functions in three division – an app, a thermometer for the fish ponds or cages, and a website for the feed producer to process orders. Thanks to James Odede – LAKEHUB , Liquid Telecom Kenya and Ben Roberts for their technical supports.