Rio Fish

Rio Fish App

Welcome to our innovative app that brings convenience and efficiency to the agricultural and fisheries industries.
Our app is designed with three core functionalities that cater to the needs of farmers, consumers, and the ecosystem.

Procurement Part: Streamlining Farming Equipment Orders

In the procurement section of our app, farmers can easily browse through a wide range of farming equipment, including nets, cages, fingerlings, and feeds. With just a few taps, they can place orders for these essential items, eliminating the hassle of traditional procurement processes. Our app ensures that farmers have access to high-quality equipment, helping them optimize their farming practices for better yields.

E-commerce Part: Accessing Delicious and Nutritious Products

The e-commerce section of our app offers consumers the opportunity to purchase our premium products, including fish sausages and Fish Burger Patties. Our products are known for their freshness, taste, and nutritional value, making them a popular choice among health-conscious consumers. With secure payment options and seamless delivery services, our app ensures a smooth and convenient shopping experience for all users.

Smart Farming Tool: Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Productivity

At the heart of our app is the smart farming tool, powered by Sigfox technology. This cutting-edge feature revolutionizes farming practices by providing real-time data and insights. By analyzing factors such as water temperature and feed requirements, our app offers personalized feed recommendations to farmers, helping them optimize their feeding strategies for healthier and more productive livestock. Additionally, our app integrates with the feed fulfillment website, enabling seamless communication between farmers and the fish feed factory to fulfill orders efficiently.

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