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Rio Fish is a social enterprise providing sustainable livelihoods and increasing food security through strengthening market systems around aquaculture in Lake Victoria. Through practicing aquaculture, Rio Fish is providing a consistent supply of nutrient-rich fish as well as stable livelihoods for fish farmers. Rio Fish also links women fish farmers with economic opportunities as women have been most affected by the reduced supplies of wild caught fish.

Centralize Market Operations

Rio Fish is currently constructing a market in Kisumu at a central aggregation point. This new market will reach over 1 million consumers in Kisumu and provides a valuable model that can be scaled throughout the Lake Victoria region.

Link Women with Economic Opportunity

Women were most affected by the dwindling supplies of fish in Lake Victoria. Rio Fish works with women fish farmers to strengthen livelihoods and also connect female consumers to fish traders through the mobile app RIOFISH.

Use Technology to Enhance Operations and Build Community

Rio Fish connects with consumers through the mobile app RIO FISH and also links production of fish to women fish farmers through mobile technology. Through RIO FISH, fish farmers are able to better manage their farms and gain market access for their product. Technology monitors the growth of fish over time and tilapia production is enhanced through aquaculture technology.

Form Strategic Partnerships with Government Agencies

Rio Fish has successfully negotiated with local and national government agencies in Kenya to advocate for better protection of the environment. These partnerships are strengthened by strong relationship building and the fostering of trust through public-private dialogue.


Solving the fish value chain challenges in Kenya through promoting production, aggregation from smallholder farmers, processing and distribution to fish traders while leveraging on a multisided digital platform to support the full value chain


Nourishing Communities and Empowering Economies through Fish

Our Strategies

A unique end-to-end model leveragingon an integrated digital platform

Input Supplier

Promote smallholder fish farmers


Agregate & process fish at Rio Processing Plant


Distribute fish to women traders


Traders fulfill orders from customers

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

No Poverty (SDG 1)

We are committed to alleviating poverty by providing women in the fishing industry with fair opportunities for economic empowerment. Through our initiatives, we aim to create sustainable livelihoods that uplift communities and reduce poverty.

Zero Hunger (SDG 2)

By promoting sustainable fishing practices and supporting women in the fisheries sector, we contribute to ensuring food security and improved nutrition for present and future generations.

Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3)

Our efforts in the fishing industry prioritize the health and well-being of both the environment and the communities we serve. We advocate for responsible fishing practices that protect marine ecosystems and promote the well-being of fishermen and fisherwomen.

Gender Equality (SDG 5)

Gender equality is at the core of our mission. We work to empower women in the fishing industry by providing them with opportunities for leadership, education, and economic independence, thus promoting gender equality and women's rights.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (SDG 9)

Through innovation and the use of technology, we strive to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the fishing industry. Our focus on innovation aims to create a more resilient and inclusive industry that benefits both the environment and the communities it serves.

Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12)

We promote responsible consumption and production practices in the fishing industry by advocating for sustainable fishing methods and supporting the development of eco-friendly fishing technologies.

Climate Action (SDG 13)

Our commitment to climate action is reflected in our efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of fishing activities. We promote climate-resilient practices that contribute to the conservation of marine ecosystems and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Life Below Water (SDG 14)

We are dedicated to protecting marine life and preserving the health of our oceans. Through sustainable fishing practices and environmental conservation initiatives, we strive to contribute to the preservation of life below water.

Our Founders


Angela Juliana Odero is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rio Fish Limited, a pioneering company committed to revolutionizing Kenya's fish value chain. With a focus on sustainable fish farming practices and technological innovation, Angela's visionary leadership propels Rio Fish to address industry challenges and foster positive social change. Angela, a Chartered Accountant with an MBA and a Finance degree, actively engages in capacity-building programs. Beyond her professional pursuits, Angela passionately advocates for dignity at work, food security, tech inclusion for women, and against gender-based inequalities, notably opposing the exploitative "sex-for-fish" practice. Angela Odero's multifaceted approach, academic prowess, and unwavering commitment make her a true inspiration in social entrepreneurship.


Loren Odira is a Co-founder at Rio Fish Ltd, a professional engineer with a profound passion for empowering young women. Known for innovative thinking, she excels in implementing IT-led solutions that promote sustainability. With a strong commitment to fostering positive change, Loren combines her engineering expertise with a dedication to uplifting underserved communities, particularly focusing on women and youth. Her visionary approach aims to create impactful solutions in areas where technology, empowerment, and sustainability intersect, reflecting a commitment to building a brighter, more inclusive future.

Our Partners

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