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We are dedicated to driving positive change. At the intersection of innovation and sustainability, we are committed to creating a lasting impact on our communities. At Rio Fish, we are more than a company; we are a community of changemakers committed to shaping a brighter, equitable future for all. Stewards of progress, we harness cutting-edge technologies to transform aquaculture.
Founded on the principles of environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic prosperity, Rio Fish stands as a beacon for a future where harmony between humanity and nature is not only possible but imperative. Our journey unfolds through a diverse tapestry of initiatives, each meticulously crafted to address pressing global challenges.
With a deep-seated belief in the power of diversity and inclusion, we proudly champion women’s empowerment as a cornerstone of our vision. We recognize the invaluable role women play in every facet of society, from nurturing communities to steering industries toward sustainable practices.Our platforms revolutionize supply chains, smart farming tools usher in a new era of aquaculture efficiency, and bridge market sustainably – we navigate the waters of change with purpose and vision.
Through our initiatives, we aim to break barriers, amplify voices, and create opportunities that empower women.
Explore Rio Fish, where innovation meets compassion, and women’s empowerment is not just a goal; it is a shared reality we actively cultivate. Together, let us redefine possibilities and build a future that leaves no woman behind

The Challenge

Kenya faces a significant fish scarcity, with production meeting just over 30% of the demand. Overfishing, pollution, climate change, population growth, lax enforcement and regulation on fish farming best practices have led to a decline in fish supply. To compensate for the deficit, Kenya heavily relies on fish imports.

The Rio Fish Initiative

Rio Fish has undertaken a pivotal role in addressing this pressing issue. Our strategy focuses on empowering smallholder fish farmers through the adoption of smart-farming technology and market access. This involves the implementation of innovative approaches, including aggregation, processing, and distribution of fish to consumers through a network of women fish traders.


The efforts of Rio Fish have yielded tangible results, contributing significantly to the objectives of food and nutrition security. Notably, our initiatives have spearheaded the economic empowerment of women and youth, elevating the living standards of local communities.

Crucially, our work has played a crucial role in minimizing the impact of ‘jaboya,’ a distressing practice involving the sexual exploitation
of women traders by male predator fishermen. This exploitative practice, in exchange for access to scarce fish resources, has not only perpetuated gender-based violence but also intensified the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Lake Victoria region, standing at about 4.5 times
above the national average.
At Rio Fish, we are committed to addressing the immediate challenges and fostering sustainable solutions that promote economic resilience, gender equality, and the overall well-being of the communities we serve. Join us in shaping a future where fisheries thrive, communities  prosper, and women empowerment becomes a catalyst for positive change.

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